Think of these add on treatments as like an entrée or dessert to your session. These treatments are brilliant to be added onto another service to get that ultimate pampering experience.

Treatment suggestions…

Hot Oil Head Massage
Hot Oil Head Massage
  • A Hot oil head massage can be added to a facial so you can relax and enjoy the massage that nourishes the hair and scalp while your mask is treating your skin.
  • The Full body brush exfoliation is the ideal entrée to any massage or body treatment, the dry bristle brushes exfoliate away dead skin cells while stimulating lymphatic drainage.
  • Our Warm coconut butter foot treatment is perfect to add to any treatment if you have dry skin and calluses on your feet, the therapist will file away the dead skin and then wrap the feet in a butter wrap to lock in the moisture.
  • LED is a revolutionary treatment that is used for many skin concerns. It is a non invasive treatment that helps strengthen cells, promote collagen, and bring skin conditions such as rosacea and acne to a controlled state. A perfect dessert to a facial or add to a pedicure and be pampered from head to toe.
Hot oil head massage $30
Full body brush exfoliation $25
Warm coconut butter foot treatment $20
LED treatment (add on) $60