MASSAGES.   Many types can be had. There is the soft touch  that is more for the light, short time lasting, relaxation session.  We do not normally do this so call massage as so much more can be experienced with the firmer more caring and muscle tension release relaxation massage. This takes tension from head, hands, feet and all in-between Remedial, involves similar style to the relaxation rub but deeper penetration into the tissue moving and stripping the muscle fibres. Some call this deep tissue. It is deep remedial technique.


Deep Tissue is using pressure points, facia system to open the deeper layers of tissue that has taunt that lymph and blood is down to a point that muscles feel like bones. Scar tissue can be freed. spurs of calcium are dissolved. Torn tendons, muscles, ligaments freed so that repair will take place. Ingrown toe nail pain taken away. Migraine pain released. Toothache released.  Reflux cleared be it infant or matured. Difficultly in breathing eased. Also for pre, or post, sport, pregnancy, heavy stress.  But this technique seldom will cover the whole of the body as it can only go as fast as the  body can free itself so one session seldom will cover the whole body in the first session. But normally great benefit is experienced in the session or within a couple of days.


1/2 Hour Remedial $55
1 Hour Remedial $88
1/2 Hour Deep Tissue $55
1 Hour Deep Tissue $88
1/2 Hour Relaxation $55
1 hour Relaxation $77