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The natural remedy, of Remedial Massage, calms inflammation and is available at Len Bauer’s Massage and Rejuvenation Centre in Rockhampton. Remedial Massage relieves intense pain,  physical trauma, calms nervous stress and tension.  Calms the  mind with a nurturing and certain touch of wellbeing .

Wellbeing is promoted for the most acute or chronic conditions with this style of therapy.  Hidden or known pain can be relieved quickly and thoroughly with Remedial Massage, it is also known to improve circulation in the lymphatic and blood systems as well as marked improvement in the lungs.

Chronic or acute conditions such as arthritis, heel spurs, carpal tunnel, migraine, toothache, ingrown finger nail or toe nail, knee issues, lower back, sciatic,  back pain,  neck and shoulder issues,  jaw, sinus, lymphatic system and drainage, digestion, reflux, heartburn, asthma,  frozen shoulders, tennis or golf elbows and joint pain can all be remedied with Remedial Massage, and Rockhampton is lucky enough to have only the best of Remedial Massage Therapists on hand at Len Bauer’s Massage and Rejuvenation Centre.

Its never too late! Your injuries or ailments may have been troubling you for years, but it can still be helped with general or deep tissue Remedial Massage. Many can attest to this, with their amazing results.

Allow yourself a chance of a faster recovery and relief by booking a Remedial Massage with Len Bauer’s Massage and Rejuvenation Centre, we have a genuine 90 to 95% success rate just dial 49 22 20 59.


1/2 hour massage $58
1 hour massage $80
1 & 1/2 hour massage $130